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We recognize that taking a business writing course is not usually one’s idea of a riveting good time.  But Burger Writing is a compelling and myth-demol­ishing course!  It’s packed with valuable lessons that graduates use for the rest of their lives

Since 1958, the Burger Writing Course has been widely recognized through­out industry as the best business writing course you can take.  Our graduates write clear impressive documents that survive.  By understanding what they need to say and how to say it, they dramatically reduce their writing time and virtually eliminate rewrites. They conceptualize their documents first and convey their key points now, without drowning their readers in detail or “death-sentencing” their conclusions to the end.  They edit professionally; they don’t simply proof­read.

These are some typical complaints about business writing:

  • This is more than twice as long as it should be.
  • Half the time I end up rewriting their letters.
  • This should never have gone out on our company letterhead.
  • What on earth is he trying to say?
  • She had some good ideas, but could never communicate them.
  • A lot of the time they don’t even use complete sentences!
  • What are they teaching them in college?
  • We can’t send this; it makes us look unprofessional.
  • I read all seven pages and still have no clue what he’s recommending.

Do you waste time reading email that you’re not sure is even relevant?  Why did I get this? What am I supposed to do with it?  Do I even need to read it?  Most people spend far too much time reading and responding to email.  Most email—even important email—gets deleted unread.

On the first day (of our two-day course) we cover the full spectrum of corpo­rate communica­tion and teach people specifically how to write effectively.  On the second, we break into groups of three or four people each.  Our instructor then circulates, customizes the workshop to each group’s specific needs, and helps each student calibrate his or her own personal writing samples.

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