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Our Two-Day Seminar/Workshop is our most popular course. Participants first learn the skills and techniques they need to communicate clearly, briskly and persuasively. Then, working in small groups, they apply what they’ve learned. With our instructor guiding them as necessary—they analyze, revise and reorganize samples of their own and each other’s writing. Designed for groups of ten or fewer.

Our One-Day Accelerated Seminar/Workshop is a compressed version of our Two-Day. It covers essentially the same material as our two-day course, but it’s extremely fast-paced and designed for small, highly-motivated groups of eight or fewer.

Our One-Day Seminar covers the same material as our Two-Day, but without a workshop. Designed for companies wanting to Burgerize lots of people quickly. There is no class-size limit.

Our Three-Day Seminar/Workshop is designed for people who must write on especially difficult subjects and for whom writing is a major responsibility. It features an intensive, custom workshop in which students bring in longer documents—usually multi-page business, technical or engineering reports. Designed for groups of ten or fewer.

All of our courses are instructor-accompanied and can be delivered in business-, email- or technical-writing versions. The differences are to a great extent driven by writing samples brought in by participants. We excel at recognizing and addressing the diverse needs of our clients. All of the following (and more) is covered. The amount we emphasize each is determined by our informal class skills-level assessment, the class size, and the course length.

  • Identify your major points and clearly communicate them immediately
  • Edit, don't simply spell-check, grammar-check, and proofread
  • Write clearly, concisely, effectively and to your reader's point of view
  • Choose the most effective tenses and appropriate words for each context
  • Seek and rescue uneconomical constructions
  • Eliminate superfluous and pretentious words and phrases
  • Use pronouns properly and effectively
  • Choose between active and passive verbs (and affirmative and negative viewpoints)

To support Burger Writing graduates we offer refresher courses, a free grammar hot line—plus free follow-up consultations.

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