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An experienced Burger instructor shows participants how to:

  • identify their major points and get their messages across immediately;
  • organize according to a simple universal outline;
  • recognize and resolve organizational problems;
  • edit, not just proofread;
  • write from the reader’s point of view;
  • convey every idea through the parts of speech that conveys it accurately
    and effectively;
  • recognize and eliminate superfluous words and uneconomical constructions;
  • eliminate unnecessary repetition;
  • decide between active and passive verbs;
  • eliminate number problems (grammatical and communicative);
  • choose between negative and affirmative points of view;
  • use pronouns properly and effectively;
  • modify most vividly and efficiently;
  • use the most appropriate and effective tenses;
  • avoid pretentious words and phrases;
  • use grammar to communicate.

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